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Is Golf Really Just for the Rich? | Golf Awards Philippines

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Golfing in the Philippines may sound a bit intimidating as it is often portrayed as a sport of the elites. It may really involve expensive membership fees if you opted to play at private golf courses and buy your own golf equipment, but there is still a workaround if you really want to try the sport.

If you are thinking of getting started with golf, there are public courses in the country that offer lower rates and affordable renting of equipment, making the sport more accessible than before. There might be slight setbacks like an easier terrain or more crowded than private ones, but this debunks that golf is just for the rich.

Apart from being a social sport, golf may also be as competitive as other games. There are lots of golf cups all over the country for both professionals and amateurs with handsome prizes and prestigious golf-inspired awards that await the winners.

Health-wise, golf is considered a low-impact sport, so this is perfect to people who doesn’t want extreme activities but still want to keep moving (note that it will require lots of walking). It also involves precision and focus which is good for the mental well-being.

Golf may not just require a ball with a makeshift court but given that it will help sharpen your mind and body among other benefits, all the extra efforts will be worth it.

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