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Product Feature: Acrylic Plaque

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Acrylic trophies and plaques have become a trend in the last few years. Each plaque award is a product of effort and creativity from the experts of Awards Central Philipines.

This is an ideal alternative to traditional glass and crystal plaques that cost a lot and require a lot of maintenance. Acrylic glass can be easily molded into a variety of forms for promotional items and other appreciative pieces.

They are nothing short of a branding fairytale!

You cannot even begin to imagine the benefits of promoting your brand through the old-school way!

How Are Acrylic Plaques Made?

Trophies and plaques made of acrylic undergo the standard manufacturing process used for any other resin produce. It starts when an acrylic casting resin solution is poured into a mold of choice.

Suppose your appreciation plaque needs to immortalize a special photograph or other visual elements. In that case, an embedment is added to the casting mold when the pour is not filled to the brim.

Countless materials can be used as memorabilia in acrylic plaque-like metal, paper, and even acetate sheets for the trophies that carry 'floating' memories.

Characteristics Of The Perfect Acrylic Plaque:

  • Made of plexiglass.

  • Frosted or engraved to celebrate a cause or individual,

  • Ideal for memorial use and personal signage.

Can I Customize My Acrylic Plaques?

Acrylic plaques can be manufactured in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. The rectangular 'billboards' are the most common type ordered in bulk. This choice is closely followed by circles, pyramids, and even star shapes.

Your customization process begins with the type of shape you have chosen for your appreciation award. From there begins the 'engraving.' Corporate logos, recipient's name, and even personalized messages are added to these plaques to make them acceptable for award ceremonies and grand celebrations in a multitier organization.

What To Look For In A Plaque Of Appreciation Sample and store?

When you are searching for a glass plaque design that can be used in acrylics or even an acrylic plaque maker, there are a few things you must be careful about!

Look for the variety of options available in-store when you start shortlisting the manufacturer best suited for your needs. Make sure that your corporate and employee recognition awards sparkle at every award ceremony!

Make sure that the store you have chosen can manage bulk orders and remain within your budget. You don't want to disappoint your loyal team and tribe by giving them a dull award. If the store has been in business long enough, they are most likely to offer discounts too.

Affordability is key here!

You can avail of huge discounts on bulk purchases and 3D printed awards from Award Central. Find your match today!

For all your recognition award needs, contact the Awards Central Philippines team at or



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