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Product Feature: Crystal Trophy

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Beautifully engraved crystal trophies make an excellent choice for rewarding people. It is a source of motivation and a unique form of marketing that can attract the right minds to your organization.

An acrylic award trophy bends light to create colorful light prisms that keep all the eyes captivated by the stunning piece. After all, this trophy will represent your corporation as it continues to keep your employees and top performers motivated.

You must invest adequate time and effort into finding the best crystal trophies according to your budget and creative choices.

Here is a brief overview of how crystal trophies are made and how to choose the perfect custom trophy maker near you.

Crystal Awards and Trophies

There are a lot of materials and customizations available for crystal trophies today. Since manufacturers are careful about the consumer's budget for personalized products, they offer acrylic alternatives that are easy on the pocket.

Acrylic trophies have the same rainbow effect on reflections and can be produced in bulk with significant discounts.

At experienced award manufacturing companies like Award Central, you have the freedom to design a trophy according to your ideas.

How Are Crystal Trophies Made?

The custom trophies begin from a designated shape. You can choose a unique shape like a torch, star, crystal, or diamond to start the trophies. Along with the shape, you can out the color and hue of the award.

It is ideal to refer to the design team at the award manufacturer's office so that your vision for a special trophy becomes a reality. There are no limits to the creativity involved in the customized products.

You can try to match the color of your award with the nearest shades of your brand logo. And when you release the images of these customized trophies on your social media, we are sure that your impressions online would cross all the records!

The fancy lighting arrangement on the event will add a touch of glamour to all color accented trophies and awards- that's a given heads up!

Then comes the step of engraving the trophy itself. At the same time, some people like to mix a few textures to create an artistic effect. Most choose to stick by the prevalent choice of simpler awards.

Variation In Engraving

There are two main distinctions in engraved awards: laser and sandblasted.

The laser-engraved awards use designated software and digital gauges to set the trophy's proper distance and depth for each millimeter of space. It cuts the mechanical design onto a block of crystal or crystal-looking awards.

It is a pocket-friendly method best suited for simpler customizations.

If you intend to unleash your inner artist on the trophy, then the abrasive etching from the sandblasted technique is the right choice for you. Excellent quality in images, logos, and text can be achieved with the high resolution of 50 dpi halftone screens.

The process involves combo heat pressing machinery and positive films to imprint the design that will later be left in the blasting cabinet.

Where To Find The Perfect Trophy Store?

If you have already come this far, then you must have seen Awards Central. An experienced company that offers a wide variety is what you need here!

For all your recognition award needs, contact the Awards Central Philippines team at or



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