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3D Printing: The Future of Recognition Awards

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Glass, crystal, wood and metal – these are the most common materials used when making recognition plaques and trophies. With these, you already have a wide array of options on the size, colors, design and shapes.

But did you know there is another type that can cater to more intricate designs? *Drum roll* Let me introduce you to the future of recognition awards – 3D printing.

It has been quite popular these days especially in the international tech community as a platform to bring ideas to life. 3D printing can be used in product design, architecture, medical and even food industry.

Here at Awards Central, we make sure that we keep abreast with the latest trends in awards production. This gave birth to the idea of offering this one-of-a-kind material to our clients that are aiming to make their recognition awards extra special.

3D printing may sound complicated, but the process may be broken down to 3 phases.

  1. 3D Modeling/Designing Of course, it all starts with the design. You can provide your own layout or we can create one for you. A specific software will be used to transform your design to a 3D printer supported version.

  2. 3D Printing Using the Fused Deposition Modelling technology, melted thermoplastic filaments will be expelled by the 3D printer layer by layer to form the 3D model. Depending on the intricacy of the shapes, printing may also be divided to different parts.

  3. Polishing and Assembly After printing, it is normal that there are some filaments protruding from the item. Don’t worry as it can still be polished. Also, this is the stage wherein the 3D parts (if any) will be assembled.

Innovation within your reach. Have your recognition awards 3D printed now!

For more details, email us at or give us a call.

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