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In 2016, Awards Central Philippines, Inc.. was founded. Now, we are one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of recognition awards in the country.

Combining state of the art manufacturing technology and expert craftsmanship. Awards Central produces customized awards using durable and long-lasting materials such as glass, resin, acrylic, crystal, and metal.

We supply exquisite, premium products to large companies and government agencies, We cater to beauty pageants, long service awarding events, graduation and moving up ceremonies, golf tournaments, e-sports competitions, corporate recognition programs and more. Awards Central is a market leader supplier of recognition awards. And we provide exceptional services to our customers at a very competitive value-for-money price.

Our headquarters is based in Quezon City with a satellite office in Cebu.


To be the leading brand name of recognition awards products in the country and maintain a competitive advantage over other players in the industry.


To be the ultimate center for high-quality state of the art, beautifully designed trophies and awards that celebrate the aspiration and success of the outstanding achiever.

I have always been fascinated with the beauty of glass and metal elements. And with my passion for the visual arts, I sought to blend these elements with artistry to elevate the creation of trophies and awards to a new level - not just an object to reward winners but a recognition piece of art that a real winner truly deserves. In 2016, AWARDS CENTRAL PHILIPPINES was born out of that passion.

Through the years, that passion evolved into taking pride in the ingenuity of the Filipino craftsman, whose creativity in fabricating recognition award pieces is world-class. Our company has therefore become an excellent provider of magnificent pieces of trophies, medals and plaques, and at the same time a wonderful place to build a career for Filipino talents. 

Our products and services are delivered with a human touch. Our customers trust and respect us for one simple reason - we have good, talented people, who are experts in their respective fields and at the same time, conscientious in providing the best services and products to our customers. Our customer-centric people have good values; they are creative, passionate, experienced and take pride in their jobs.

Our company makes a positive impact in the lives of other people. We have earned the reputation of providing exquisite products that celebrate and encapsulate milestones in a person's life. The simple act of receiving trophies, medals or plaques created by Awards lasts a lifetime. It always brings good memories and proud moments to the awardee. Those winning moments are timeless.

Our values define how we live and work. How we live and perform our tasks is governed by our company's core values: INTEGRITY, TRANSPARENCY, TEAMWORK, CONCERN (Malasakit) and GOD-CENTERED MORALS. These values reflect how we interrelate with our customers where we live. We hold each other accountable for running a company we can all be proud and happy to work at.

As you navigate through our website, it is our desire that you will find the qualities that make our company your only choice to be the provider of trophies, medals, and plaques. Whether you are a potential customer, a prospective business partner or a possible future employee, we look forward to hear from you and find out how we could work together to bring the best impact in the lives of other people.



Clark Angelo Torres, CEO




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