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Not Once but Twice: Awards Central Plaques goes to Japan for JIPA 2019

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Japan International Property Awards (JIPA) is a prestigious award giving body to recognize property developers in Southeast Asia for their world-class residential and commercial projects. organized this event aiming to solidify the relationship of Japan and overseas developers.

Last year, Awards Central handcrafted exclusive plaques that without a doubt stood out in the event.

We’ve been fortunate as we were chosen (again) to create the JIPA plaques this year. These glass plaques are truly elegant but above all, embodies the efforts of the awardees in aiming excellence in building sustainable, comfortable and luxurious properties.

May it be glass, crystal or metal, there will be a suitable recognition award that we can deliver at Awards Central Philippines.

Email us at or call at 0977 842 9273.



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