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Finding the One: Should I go for 3D or Resin Award?

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

On our previous blog post, we’ve talked about the difference of glass, crystal and acrylic which are the most common recognition awards that you may encounter.

For the next part, we’ll feature two of the unconventional materials that already starts to make a name in the awards industry – 3D printed and resin awards.

The production of these two materials are way too different but both creates intricate recognition awards that cannot be made using the first three materials. If you are eyeing for trophy designs with small or abstract details, these two options are for you.


Prior to creation of resin awards, a mold has to be created. For its 3D counterpart, a 3D model of the trophy must be designed before printing.


3D printed awards are made of hundreds to thousand of layers of melted plastic filament while latter is made of liquid synthetic resin casted to a mold. There are also a lot of available filament colors but like resin, 3D awards can also be painted.


The winner for this category is without a doubt, 3D printing. Resin can also achieve intricate details but since 3D is machine-operated, the accuracy of the smallest elements is much better.


Cost really varies depending on the quantity and complexity of the award though 3D printing can be a bit pricier.


For bigger quantities and shorter time available, you may opt for resin. If you want to achieve the tiniest detail and you have some more time (and budget) to spare, choose 3D printing.

Hope this helps in finding the perfect material for your dream recognition award. If you still need assistance, feel free to contact us and ask for our expert recommendation.

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