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Why Consider Having Your Recognition Award 3D Printed | Awards Central

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Just last year, we formally introduced 3D printed awards here at Awards Central Philippines. We ventured the awards industry for quite a while now and we are keeping on finding new ways in delivering innovation in this field. We love our craft made of the usual glass, acrylic, metal or resin, and we will forever see them as masterpieces.

But we can’t stop there.

Here’s why you should consider having your custom award 3D printed:

  1. 3D prints are durable Since we are using PLA, a kind of plastic filament, our 3D prints are lightweight, waterproof and virtually shatter-proof

  2. It can print intricate details Our resin awards can achieve quite impressive details but not as intricate as 3D printed awards .

  3. It is compatible with other materials We offer all-3D printed awards but we also recommend having a glass or wood base for that extra weight, making it more premium to grip

  4. It is uncommon in the country Not all recognition award manufacturers offer 3D. In fact, there isn’t much 3D printing companies in the country. We know that your event is special, so make it even more special by investing in 3D awards.

Interested? Feel free to call us or send an email to

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