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5 Surprising Facts About Award Shows You Probably Didn't Know Until Today

The nearest experience most of us have gotten to huge award shows is a few feet away from our screen, whether it's the TV, laptop, or mobile. There's so much to look forward to during awards season. Many discussions will come when that time comes, such as the red-carpet fashion, hosting performances, big wins, and the upsets.

But before we get down to it all, how much do you really know about the actual awards and awards shows themselves? Read on for the insider scoop on what actually happens beyond what we are expected to see.

Fact 1: In the Grammy Awards, they use blank trophies at the ceremony. After the winners' announcement, their names are hand-engraved onto the plates and are re-attached to the awards later.

Fact 2: The Golden Globe award trophy is one of the lightest trophies, with only 5 and a half pounds. It is also made with 24-carat gold and an exotic marble base.

Fact 3: The Academy Awards trophy takes an hour to polish and has more gold on it than any other award.

Fact 4: Celebrities don't just arrive whenever they want to. Publicists usually decide their arrival times-the bigger the star, the later they show up.

Fact 5: Most awards ceremonies, including the Oscars, don't usually serve snacks nor drinks. The Golden Globes, however, is an exception. Dinner is served while everyone takes their seats, and once the live show begins, chocolates and Champagne keep going around the room. Therefore, the noise you hear in the room is real. And during the commercial breaks, people mingle like crazy that a man on a loudspeaker has to courteously encourage everyone to please go back to their seats before it resumes.

Which of these fun facts surprised you the most?


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