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Guide to Choosing between Crystal, Wood, Acrylic, Glass, and Resin Awards

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Whether you want to honor your loyal employees or motivate your football team at a school? You may get confused with the type of material you should choose for recognition awards. When selecting the employee recognition award material, you have many options, but not all of them are worth it.

However, the best options are crystal, wood, acrylic, glass, and resin custom recognition awards. But a little knowledge about awards material can help you choose and differentiate between all of them.

Characteristics of Custom Awards Materials

Here are some characteristics and things to consider when deciding between these five types of custom awards materials:

Crystal Awards

Crystal awards and trophies are a perfect way to appreciate employees of your organization. These awards are made from the most delicate ultra-clear glass and are custom-made with sandblasting design. Crystal awards are also known as crystal plaques and crystal trophies. They are primarily used to celebrate extraordinary achievements, special people, and important milestones. A well-made crystal recognition award will shine for a lifetime, and it will always be a sparkling reminder of feeling respected, celebrated, and recognized.

Wooden Awards

Do you want to recognize a sports team victory or the bravery of a hero? Wooden awards are a good option for this purpose. However, it’s not an easy thing to customize wooden awards in different shapes. Wooden awards carry importance and an air of gravitas that other material awards do not. And they can make the recipient feel just how appreciated they are. They can also be hanged on the wall. In most cases, they are highly affordable.

Acrylic Awards

The acrylic award is easily recognizable, and anyone can tell that it is made of acrylic after touching it. It’s durable but feels like plastic. However, there are several differences between acrylic and plastic awards. Acrylic glasses are lighter and easier to process, and cheaper to use. On the other hand, these awards are shatterproof. You don’t need to care that it will break like crystal or glass. They can also be polished when they get older.

Glass Awards

You must know what glass looks like, but the main confusion comes when you can’t differentiate between glass and crystal. Some companies will deceive you by putting a crystal label on a glass material and sell it at a higher cost even it is not what you want! There are some ways to look at when you are going to buy glass awards. The key difference between glass and crystal is that the glass is lead. They have little or no lead, which makes the award lighter.

Resin Awards

Resin awards are pretty popular in the market because of their weight and durability. These custom awards are made up of cast resin and offer unique designs you have not seen elsewhere. They are not like traditional engraved awards and are mainly used for award shows and games to appreciate the team or actor. They are pretty expensive!

So, which one will you choose? Let us know about your choice or rely on our expertise!

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