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How Resin Awards Are Made

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Resin awards have gained a lot of attention in the last few years. Due to the rising popularity of resin products and advancement in manufacturing procedures, resin recognition awards have become a crowd favorite!

These awards and trophies are available in every possible design and color due to the preference for custom awards over traditional ones!

Have you ever looked at a resin award and wonder how it's made? Satisfy your curiosity right here, right now! Here is a brief overview of how resin awards are sculpted out of clay and finished with a gleaming surface.

The Award 'Making' Process

A resin award starts with an idea. Whether it is an image in the news or a thought evoked by the trending topics on social media, your concept is designed on computerized software. The intelligent system helps create clay molds to ensure precision to the highest degree.

The custom recognition awards are designed to celebrate the accomplishment and performance of individuals who go above and beyond to achieve success. The visually impressive awards start from a resin mineral in powder form dissolved in oil-based chemicals to achieve a clear texture!

Like acrylic in many characteristics, the resin is a hard and often bronze-colored plastic material that is easy to mold into a wide variety of shapes. It is convenient for sculpting details of the dance, football, cricket, badminton, and other sports that need trophies in movement.

The sculpted statuettes are cast according to the number of layers used in the assembly process. Once the molds come off, the tedious process of sanding and buffing details to accuracy takes place. Since these awards provide a memento for a special milestone, attention-to-detail is rendered to capture the moment's essence.

You can find remarkable mementos for various corporate events that have undergone complex chiseling and delicate molds to become the engraved beauties lined on the venue. Intricate patterns like the symbols of medicine and the logo of the awarding firms can be sculpted on resin trophies without any hassles.

The resin trophies and award creation technology have also come a long way from the traditional bronze pieces in the past!

Where to Find the Best Awards?

When searching for the finest employee recognition awards and award companies near you, you can't skip Awards Central. Our resin awards are hand-painted to perfection.

You can find innovative designs that span over various styles, sizes, and silhouettes to match your aesthetic requirements and considerate ideas for mementos that will be cherished for life. We understand that each awarding body may have its budget and financial constraints, so we offer financially flexible options that fit every budget.

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