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How to Select the Right Recognition Awards for Each of Your Events?

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Do you want to select the best recognition award for your employees but don’t know how? Choosing custom awards for recognition programs is not a simple or easy task; it’s a difficult one. You want to show how much you care about your employees, or their efforts are appreciated and valued.

Recognition awards should match the goal of your program and celebrate employee achievements.

Nowadays, employees expect more than traditional awards.

Ways to Choose the Right Employee Recognition Award

So, here are six ways to choose the exemplary employee recognition award for a recognition program:

For Formal Events

These awards are presented with a recognition merchandise award or package at a meeting. In formal events, employees receive public recognition at a dinner, ceremony, or conference. They get the positive reward of receiving public recognition.

For these types of awards, usually, employees are asked about their choice, and then the award is presented at the final ceremony.

When the event is big and very formal, and many people attend it, the award should be good enough to present to your employee. It should be attractive!

For Informal Events

These are events in which employees are rewarded with random custom recognition awards.

The selection criteria may be connected with positive behaviors or core values of the department’s mission. You can create a survey for the employees to find out what employees think that who should be nominated for the awards like:

  • Productivity

  • Teamwork

  • Customer service

  • Job excellence etc.

The award should be according to the characteristics of an employee and can be customized.

Quality matters

It can be so disappointing when an award breaks after receiving it, right? So always choose the brand that has the best quality. Consider whether the brand has a good reputation in the market or not. Make sure that the vendor has a suitable replacement and exchange policy because the award you are giving speaks for you!

Purpose of Program

Awards must be perfect for the performance level and purpose of the program. It should be different for every purpose like it should be unique for sales campaigns or excellence programs or wellness or health platform.

Use Survey Method

You can use the survey method to know the ideas of your employees. It will make them feel valued if you ask them about the perception or meaningfulness of different award options. Focus on groups, too, so you can know and dig deeper.

Put Company’s Symbol on Awards

Awards are representative of your or your organization. You can take an example of Oscars and Olympic medals for what they mean to people who take them. It is best to design a symbol for your company and brand. They will be a great treasure for the takers!

Bonus – A Golden Piece of Advice

Awarding is the best way to motivate your employees. However, before giving an award, you should see the best one for your employee according to his talent and positive behavior. It is the best thing to get for someone who works hard and creates positive emotions.

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