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How to Win the Winners: The Corporate Guide to Provide Consumers a Winning Customer Experience

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

By Jennallyssa Marie Eligino

First, congratulations! You found the only article you will need to convert consumers into your best customers, or maybe you’d just like to catch up on all the gist from World Consumer Rights Day. Wait, what is it even?

Since 1983, the World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) has served as an opportunity to tackle various topics that drive awareness to consumer rights in the ever-evolving market, with hopes of shining light on social injustices, market abuses, and unethical business decisions.

This year, the central theme is “Empowering consumers through clean energy transitions” aimed to engage consumers in the issue of the worsening global energy crisis and educate them about the importance of producers' role in implementing energy policies and good business practices that affect the environment and every marketplace actor.

But let's go back to the very core of the topic: consumers.

Whatever the theme of the WCRD is or have been over the past years, it all points back to consumers— the people.

Good businesses bring value to the people, great businesses make the people feel valued, but the best businesses do both.

How do you know you're the best in the game? Here's a checklist!

1. YOU HAVE WHAT THEY NEED, or in most cases, the willingness to provide what they're looking for. After all, not everything you offer is a one-size-fits-all.

2. YOU MEET THEIR REQUIREMENTS. A consumer may find what they need from a large pool of sellers, so what makes you distinct? Most probably your ability to produce and deliver what they need within the time frame, or perhaps you have something that others don't.

3. YOU EDUCATE THEM. As a brand, giving legitimate information about who you are, what you offer, and what to expect from it is a must.

4. YOU BRING VALUE not just to the purchase, but to the transaction, too. It's not about the flowery words, but the genuine effort to make the process easy for them.

5. YOU GAIN THEIR TRUST. Price competition makes it difficult to find loyal customers, but not impossible if they are well-aware of the value they're getting and know that they’re dealing with a brand that does things the right way. Trust is foundational. Win that and you'll never worry.

But first, how do you win your customers' trust?

Make them feel like a winner. At Awards Central Philippines, our clients' clients are winners, and we want their customer experience with us to be a success.

Starting with the basics such as listening to their preferences (do they want a trophy, a glass plaque, or a sports medal?); presenting design options for their chosen recognition awards; finding high quality materials (glass awards, acrylic awards, resin awards, etc.); giving pre- to post-production updates until the packaging and delivery phases; and lastly, asking about their experience with both the product and the brand.

In any industry, you would need to build a good relationship with your network of existing and potential clients by giving them confidence and convenience over their purchase. And for them, finding the right seller is already a win— and finding the one that makes them feel like a winner is a bonus!

Looking for award-winning trophies and world-class customer service? Talk to us.

MEET THE AUTHOR Jennallyssa Marie Eligino is a film enthusiast, in-the-loop content strategist, and a creative writer with a knack of weaving current trends with pop culture references.



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