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Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Awards for Your Business

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

If you plan on purchasing awards, taking a few minutes to ensure everything is in order days early can help spot mistakes early, which will provide you with enough time to make the necessary changes.

Having serviced many clients to date, we have seen many make mistakes that have cost them plenty of resources such as time and money, and we don't want you to make these same mistakes.

So, we are sharing some things you should avoid and consider when buying awards for your business.

1. Cheap, Broken, or Damaged Business Awards

Business awards are meant to feel prestigious. Order your awards as early as possible and make sure that they arrive around a week before giving them out so you'll have enough time to go through the box, making sure each award is in good condition. If one happens to be broken or damaged, you will have ample time to order a replacement.

2. Misspelled Names or Words

Nothing is more embarrassing than getting the recipient's name misspelled on a trophy. So, make sure to double-check the content of each award. This way, you will catch any errors before placing the order and once it arrives.

3. Too Many Words

Less is more. Keep the content of your awards as short and straightforward as possible. You don't have to tell the entire story behind the award on the trophy. A simple phrase or concise paragraph will already suffice.

4. The Award Does Not Correspond to the Achievement

When it comes to choosing an award, ensure that it matches the achievement. You wouldn't give a tiny desk trophy to someone who's has delivered an outstanding contribution to your company.

5. Using Glass Trophies for Kids

While glass trophies look stunning and an excellent choice, they are not safe for kids. Kids can act up and be incredibly clumsy, which causes high chances for the glass award to be dropped. Keep kids safe by choosing acrylic, wooden, or custom resin trophies instead.

Awards are always an excellent idea, especially when you take the necessary steps in guaranteeing everything goes off without a hitch. Accurate wording, minimal text, matching it to the right achievement, choosing the suitable materials, and ensuring the awards are in good condition are necessary.

Ready to create the perfect business trophy or plaque? Awards Central Philippines is always at your service. Contact us today!



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