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Plaque vs. Trophy – What’s the Difference?

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

It is a known fact that awards help in boosting someone’s morale. It feels fantastic and is very fulfilling to experience being appreciated and receiving an award. Two common forms of awards are trophies and plaques. They are mostly interchanged since the two are more frequently used than the other forms of awards. Choosing the right one to use can be challenging at times. Find out their differences below to know how to maximize their full potential during your award ceremonies.


The materials used for plaques are usually ceramic, stone, wood, acrylic, but the most common is metal. It has some texts, date & time stamp, and sometimes along with relevant image/s. The texts in plaques describe reasons for the awards and become the matter of pride for the receivers.

The advantages of award plaques are:

  • An affordable way of expressing personal achievement

On a tight budget? You can still reward your top performers with a custom employee gift each month with personalized plaques as they are often a more affordable alternative. The message inscribed on the plaque can even be personalized based on their specific achievements.

  • More versatile ways to display

They can be freestanding or just hung on a wall. It gives the recipient more choices on how they would want to display their award without taking up (much) desk space.


Trophies are the most common form of award and are used in sporting events. They are substantial, sturdy, memorable, and can be highly prestigious. Materials used for trophy cups can be gold, silver, or any other metal. Trophies can also be made from crystal, metal, wood, resin, and other shapeable materials to match the event.

The advantages of award trophies are:

  • Does not occupy wall space

Recognition trophies are a better choice instead of plaques when it comes to saving up wall space,

  • Having a broader range of unique designs & materials to choose from

For custom awards that are fun, unique, or impressively beautiful, you can opt for a trophy. Plaques can limit you in terms of materials and designs, while trophies can be made of crystal, glass, or acrylic and shaped into a wide variety of unique designs.

Awards can be an inexpensive alternative for reinforcement to employees, and an excellent motivation for competitive events. Therefore, plaques and trophies should be made from top-quality materials because most people take pride in their recognition awards and display them in their homes for people to see.

If you want to know the best type of award for any purpose you have, contact us at Awards Central Philippines to get cost-effective award plaques and trophies.


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