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Product Feature: 3D Printed Trophy

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Nothing can thrill you more than the joy of winning a trophy. It is an ideal reward for an excellent performance. Whether it is one of the custom wood trophies from your school days or an acrylic trophy from the football match, the representation of your win must be cherished for life!

If you have recently come across the idea of 3D printed trophies and plaques, then this is just the right spot for you. Customize your trophies to the last degree with 3D printing!

What Is A 3D Printed Trophy?

It means what it says!

These trophies and plaques are designed digitally and printed out via thick filaments that are durable yet attractive at the same time! These trophies offer better options for customized awards and help you save time and money too!

What is best, even if your trophy is a complex design, it can remain lightweight and easy to manage!

It cuts down the reduction of waste and does not harm the environment either. Hence being the right choice for socially responsible companies and individuals!

How Does It Work?

There is a simple process that is used for 3D printing every kind of trophy. Here is how that goes:

  • The body of the trophy is modeled digitally. The basic structure is printed first

  • Then comes the stage of decoration, such as adding finer details and remaining elements.

  • The base is then attached to a pedestal made of wood or metal.

  • Sanding and painting are done in post-processing to mark the end of production for a masterpiece.

Why Choose 3D Printing?

3D Printing the trophies for your event from Awards Central can help you in more ways than one! Here are a number of ways we can help:

Fast Turnaround

A traditional metal or wood trophy can take up to two weeks for production and delivery. Our streamlined process helps us 'print trophies' at a quicker pace. When any tight deadline comes up, we are the first to rush to your assistance.

High Quality

High-quality filaments and keen attention to details make our 3D printed trophies a class apart! If you are hosting a themed event for Game of Thrones or Dungeons and Dragons, then our 3D Printed Scale Model Structures are just the right match for you!


Trophies should remain a cause of celebration and not financial concerns!

As an experienced award manufacturer, we offer you significant discounts on bulk orders so that the trophy price does not put you in trouble.

3D-Printed Trophies - The Best Souvenir For Any Accomplishment!

From recognizing an employee's efforts and top performance to celebrating participation in a marathon, trophies are the best souvenir for any accomplishment! 3D Trophies are the choice for creative pursuits that allow you to experiment with new ideas and break away from the traditional practices of the award-making industry.

Appreciation must be given as a source of motivation, which is why we suggest that you go the ultimate route of customization. Opt for a special design that re-endorses the reason why an individual is being celebrated!

You can avail of huge discounts on bulk purchases and 3D printed awards from Award Central. Find your match today!

For all your recognition award needs, contact the Awards Central Philippines team at or



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