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Product Feature: Medals

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Medals and medallions have been used as an object of celebration history. From the ancient medals used for trade in the Sumerian civilization to the modern-day Olympic medals, the definition of the term remains the same. Custom medals are all the rage today!

It is a thin disk made of metal or acrylic that carries a design to commemorate a moment. These metal disks are awarded to individuals with exceptional talent, skill, and innovation in thought.

So this time, when you are planning for a new way to motivate your loyal team, trying out the old-school medal awards seems like an excellent idea!

Why Choose Medals?

Medals are widely used across all scales of companies and almost all the countries on the globe!

  • An ideal choice in the commercial souvenirs range.

  • Remain evergreen throughout every age and time.

  • Look attractive due to their sparkly finish and affordable pricing.

  • Light-weight and finely finished medals keep everyone motivated and inspired for a lot longer than you know!

Types of Medals

There is a variety of medal types available in the market. Some are worn on the neck. Others are suspended from cuffs and clothes. While the rest are saved as jewelry.

Most glass medals and acrylic medals are either die-casted in molds or struck like coins with engraved messages.

Medals are primarily found in the following variations:

  • Graduation medals

  • Academic medals

  • Volleyball medals

  • Basketball medals

What Can Medals Do For You?

Since medals are used to decorate an individual, you can use them in countless ways to the advantage of your business too!

Custom medals are an exciting choice for businesses trying to do something evergreen! You can strike medals to appreciate your ‘top performers,’ but the catch here is to do something different. You can be 100% creative with acrylic medals and make the most of a small resin disk!

You can use them to celebrate your customers too! Start social media campaigns for user-generated content and reward a sparkling medal to the follower that does the most for you! But that is a conversation for another day!

Why Incorporate Medals in Your Business?

An extensive array of options is available for acrylic medals and trophies, but when you go the extra mile to find the best medal supplier in town, and then you truly win the medal in excellent taste!

You can choose an authorized business known for its superior service and market share to ensure that your award ceremony has the right ‘awards’!

Companies that offer engraving according to the latest production methods and medals in various sizes, designs, and colors are what you must be looking for.

Something like Awards Central, perhaps! It is a company known for its dedication to the award-making industry in the Philippines and beyond.

You can avail of huge discounts on bulk purchases and 3D printed awards from Award Central. Find your match today!

For all your recognition award needs, contact the Awards Central Philippines team at or



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