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Product Feature - Wooden Trophies & Plaques

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Are you hosting an event for your organization? A celebration for good performances, dedication, and innovative thinking, perhaps? The joy of celebrating an accomplishment can be felt in a new light when you get an award trophy or plaque for it!

Traditionally, big corporations have used wooden plaques to celebrate the years of service, participation, and honoring special people. The same practice has always been used in academic institutions and sports events too!

No event is complete without a custom wooden trophy from Awards Central.

Our stocks carry a wide variety of wooden trophies and plaques at the most affordable prices. We have something for everyone, from a regular sports trophy to the personalized trophies for your country fair!

Why Choose Custom Wooden Trophy and Awards?

Wooden awards carry old-school energy of celebration and accomplishment that is hard to recreate with acrylic awards and crystal plaques. Instead, you can present it to an individual for their remarkable efforts and hard work.

Choosing personalized awards reveals that much thought and effort has been invested in making the appreciative piece. Today, the market has a lot of variation to offer. From unique fonts to engrave the wooden plaque to the entire rainbow of colors for the basketball plaque, you can let your creativity run loose.

How Does The Design Process Work?

  • You design an award in your head or collect a few images for inspiration.

  • A designer from our team is consulted to create the final design for approval.

  • Once you acknowledge our design proposals, your design is sent out for production within three working days.

  • Production takes 3-4 working days, depending on the size of the awards and the order itself.

  • The post-production process of sanding, buffing, engraving, and polishing the award takes the rest of the time.

  • Your customized wooden awards can be created within eight working days or less!

Let's Customize a Wooden Award

Awards Central offers a large selection of wooden awards. But if you would like something out-of-the-box, then our design panel is always ready to assist you with the process.

You can get any plaque made with images and colors of choice for your small company, large organization, school, council, and whatnot!

The customized quotes or messages on a plaque can commemorate a significant milestone in a journey and show the significance of the individual who has received the said award.

Designed are carved and cut into wood via laser systems to ensure intricacy and overall perfection.

Each wooden award or trophy is made from fine quality wood and premium steel plates to add longevity to the engraved message. In addition, the print, texture, and artwork done on the plaque containing a UV-resistant layer provide a lifespan of two-plus years.

From recognizing an employee's efforts and top performance to celebrating participation in a marathon, wooden plaques are the best motivation for any goal in life!

Visit Award Central today and avail of huge discounts on bulk purchases. Find your match today!

For all your recognition award needs, contact the Awards Central Philippines team at or



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