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Understanding the 3 Common Uses for Plaque Awards

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Expressing gratitude or acknowledging an honorable gesture with a gorgeous custom engraving not only looks great and is one of the best ways to demonstrate giving back, but they also last longer thanks to modern day developments in techniques, machinery, and the use of robust materials.

1. Appreciating employees

Honor and inspire employees to excel and go above and beyond by acknowledging their company's achievements and contributions. (Ex. "Top Salesperson" or "Employee of the Year")

2. Acknowledging a gift or donation

Acknowledge donations given or the good that followed from them. (Ex. "This establishment was made possible by the generous donation from Juan Dela Cruz.")

3. Recognizing the special people in your life

Apart from official or business uses, you can actually have special plaques of appreciation made for personal purposes. You can give this together with other presents you might have for them during the holidays or birthdays. These can be given to those you want to thank in your life over the years, like your parents, partner, and even friends (Ex. "Best Dad in The World" or "Most Supportive Friend")

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