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For the fave!


Premium feel,

limitless possibilities.

Feel the convenience of lightweight materials with high level of customization.

In the hunt for trophies, plaques, and medals that won't break the bank? A custom acrylic recognition award is your top choice because it is highly customizable yet cost-effective, making it a good alternative to glass, resin, and crystal awards.


With acrylic, you still have the freedom in terms of design within your budget range.

Price starts at PHP 500 | Pricing depends on the material, size, design, and order quantity.

We can follow the design you have in mind, or you can request a design from our artists.

Our ready-made award pieces are also available for customization and mass production.

Our complete offerings:
Glass Awards | Resin Awards | Acrylic Awa
rds | Crystal Awards | Metal Awards

We'd love to help.

Organizing awarding events can be crucial,  and we're here to ensure that you're all set and ready to shine on time. Get quote now for FREE.

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within Metro Manila
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  ☑️ More options, more possibilities.

  ☑️ Winning quality for winners.

  ☑️ Quick and convenient for you.
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