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For the classy!


Tried and tested material that displays heroic work with lasting impact.

Hold prestige and power with something personal.

While a personalized metal trophy is a go-to trophy for sports cups, it can also be used for other events like academic competitions, company events, and more. Awards Central Philippines is the trusted trophy supplier of the biggest brands in the country

* Price starts at PHP 500* | Pricing depends on the material, size, design, and order quantity.

We'd love to help.

Organizing awarding events can be crucial,  and we're here to ensure that you're all set and ready to shine on time. Get quote now for FREE.

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within Metro Manila
* Terms and conditions apply
  ☑️ More options, more possibilities.

  ☑️ Winning quality for winners.

  ☑️ Quick and convenient for you.
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