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Premium Glass Acrylic Kryptonite Pillars Trophy


Product Series: PGA016


- Lighted or Non-Lighted
- Brass Plate or Acrylic Plate


Suggested Thickness:
Acrylic Pillars - 18mm or 24mm

Minimum Height: 10"

PGA016 - Kryptonite Pillars Trophy

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We can bring your ideas to life!


Let us know your design preference and branding requirements and our expert craftsmen will transform it into a premium glass plaque, trophy, or medal.

You can provide your own design or request one from our artists. Customizable ready-made awards are also available for mass production.

Pricing depends on the material, size, design, and order quantity. Call us for an accurate quotation.

Our complete offerings:

Glass Awards Resin Awards | Acrylic Awards | Crystal Awards | Metal Awards

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