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When it comes to manufacturing awards, the medium is just as crucial as the execution. Here you'll see all the raw materials Awards Central uses in creating plaques. trophies, and medals. Look around, You might find the victory vibe you're looking for.

*Pricing depends on the material, size, design, and order quantity.

customized smdc real estate glass trophy maker and supplier in the philippines

Feel the weight of victory. Glass being naturally timeless makes it an excellent canvas for engraving. Perfect for corporate, government, and entertainment events.

customized crystal trophy maker and supplier in metro manila and cebu

When illuminated this material lets out a full prism of rainbow lights. It's beautiful as it is elegant. An award made of crystal is surely a treasure to keep. Also good for corporate and entertainment events.

customized resin trophy maker and supplier in metro manila and cebu

Premium recognition awards, but make it lightweight version. Its flexibility can fit your design preference and budget requirements. Suitable for corporate, academic, sports, and gaming, events.

customized acrylic medal maker and supplier in metro manila and cebu

Experience true VIP with custom creative awards. These are delicately molded, intricately sculpted, finally painted, and wear-and-tear-proof. Perfect for luxury, entertainment corporate, and other exclusive events.

metal trophy supplier in metro manila and cebu

This is what high-end classic cup trophies are made of: bronze and brass that they age beautifully. The standard for academic, sports, and other local events.

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