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Engraving vs. Printing: Choosing the Right Method for Award Personalization

Updated: Jun 25

engraving vs. printing on custom awards

Custom-made trophies and plaques are made to recognize the triumphs of the worthy, forever commemorating their remarkable achievements, but a common struggle is choosing the right method for immortalizing the winners’ names and personalization comes down to 2 options: engraving and printing. Both methods have its own appeal, offering different looks and durability, but Awards Central Philippines (ACP) is here to make a thorough guide. Let's break down the basics to help you make the right choice for your trophy needs.


Printing vs. Engraving

Printing typically involves using ink to transfer a design onto your custom-made trophy or plaque, which results in vibrant colors and intricate details. This method is often used for mass production and can be more cost-effective for large quantities.

Pros: Offers vibrant colors, cost-effective for mass production, versatile for various materials, quick turnaround.

Cons: Prone to fading and scratching, lacks tactile feel, limitations on surface and design complexity.

  Engraving involves carving or etching a design, creating a tactile texture and a sense of depth on your custom-made trophies and plaques. It conveys a sense of luxury and craftsmanship, making it ideal for special occasions or high-end products.

Pros: Adds elegance and timelessness, precise detailing, durable inscriptions, versatile across materials.

Cons: Limited color options, potentially higher cost depending on complexity and material.


Ultimately, the choice between engraving and printing depends on your preferences and budget .Whether you prefer the vibrant colors of printing or the timeless elegance of engraving, both methods can create beautiful custom trophies that celebrate achievements for years to come. Each process involves careful consideration on quality and style. By thoroughly evaluating these aspects, you can pinpoint which option best resonates with your needs and objectives. It's all about what suits you best!

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