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Filipinos’ Love for Basketball | Custom Trophies & Medals - Awards Central Philippines

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

If we can only name basketball as our national sport, it has been long done for sure.

We, Filipinos, are known worldwide for our love for basketball. In fact, Nike reported that we were the third largest basketball market next to US and China.

Basketball was introduced to us by the Americans in 1898 and has captivated the Pinoy community despite of other sports introduced. Being part of the school system played a big role in nurturing and embracing the sport into our culture.

Nowadays, almost every barangay has their own basketball courts – may it be half court with makeshift rings.

Why do we love it so much? First, it is easy to learn. The game rules are simple and easy to remember. Filipinos also love how the game is dynamic, fast-paced and strategic.

Second, it is accessible and playable. Compared to other sports, basketball doesn’t require fancy gears and huge space.

Third, it is quite entertaining. We love cheering for our favorite team, the anticipation if they’ll get that three-point shot or who will win the coveted basketball championship trophy.

Basketball, as they say, is no longer just a sport to Pinoys. It is a way of living, a part of our culture that won’t go away anytime soon.

Here at Awards Central, we make every game special with our custom-made basketball medals and trophies.

We offer metal trophy cups, metal medals as well as glass basketball awards. You may check our social media accounts to view our latest designs and offerings.


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