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Finding the One: Difference Between Glass, Crystal and Acrylic Awards

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

There is an upcoming event for your company and you’re looking for a trusted recognition awards supplier. You may have successfully found the plaque manufacturer that offers premium yet affordable plaques, but you got overwhelmed by the options available.

For the first half of this blog series, we’ll help you choose the best recognition award material that will suit your preference and budget.

We’re quite sure that the first three materials that will be offered to you are glass, crystal and acrylic. If you will be given 3 plaque samples of the same design but uses the 3 materials above, discerning which is which can be quite tricky.


This is the most premium material among the three. You’ll know it is crystal when you see the glittering/rainbow effect when light passes through. This is due to the lead content present in this material. It is relatively softer than glass so it is the preferred option for three-dimensional shapes. Cost-wise, this is on the higher range.

At Awards Central, we offer variety of crystal plaques and trophies perfect for prestigious events like awarding events, golf and sporting events.


If you are looking for affordability and flexibility when it comes to shapes, go for acrylic awards. This is also the most durable material and much lighter. However, it is much prone to scratches as it is much softer but can be mended through buffing and polishing.

Apart from plaques and trophies, we can also use it for medals, keychains, table signs, paperweights and more.


Glass is ACP’s flagship material as it offers the best balance of aesthetic, cost and customization. You can get elegance, flexibility and affordability with this material. The only difference with crystal is that there is no glittery effect when you look closely.

Key takeaway:

  • If you’re looking for durability, flexibility and cost-efficiency, go for acrylic.

  • Crystal is the perfect choice for the premium material and feel.

  • Glass is the perfect balance between the two – looks and feels premium, affordable and versatile

You can check our social media accounts below to see not just our glass awards, but also other design made of crystal, acrylic, resin, wood and more.

Stay tuned for the next part of this series as we’ll cover other recognition award materials to help you choose the ‘the one’ for your event.

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