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How Glass Plaques Are Made?

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Custom glass plaques are often designed to reward outstanding achievement. The vast majority of styles and shapes available in this type of award are ideal for recognizing talent and honoring effort.

Today, you can easily order glass plaques and statuettes that can be customized, engraved, and personalized to the most delicate cut!

What Are Glass Plaques Made Of?

Acknowledgment plays a critical role in developing lasting relations with your employees, volunteers, sponsors, and loyal customers. Anyone that makes a significant contribution to your brand and business can be applauded with glass plaques and awards.

Glass plaques have a distinct variety of options. From clear glass to crystal, jade to diamond cuts, the sheer variation can leave you dizzy! If you are an environmentalist, you’d be happy to know that recycled glass awards are also available for engraving and personalization.

How Is A Glass Plaque Made?

The glass plaques are produced on every scale. From the streamlined mass production to the handmade pieces, each company follows a different procedure to create recognition plaques.

Ideally, glass plaques are made of standard sheets of thick glass, with or without epoxy. The glass is cut according to desired shapes and lengths. It is then sanded, buffed, and dusted to attain the dull edges that are safe for handling.

The buffed sheets are connected to a wooden base if it does not have a glass base in the first space. The engraving process is another story altogether.

When you customize your awards, your logo and plaque design goes digital. It is made on laser-cut sheets later pressed and engraved through the combo heat press machines employed for excellent adherence.

Following is a list of common types of glass plaques that you can choose from:

Art Glass

Art glass plaques are used for appreciation and recognition. This piece is readily available and can be personalized to the nth degree. Art glass looks attractive, remains durable, and is a good choice for celebrating professionals.

Standard Cut

The standard cut is a simple choice for corporations that need little aesthetic touches. A standard cut is a good option for larger organizations that need mementos for their entire staff that counts up to hundreds.

Diamond and Flame

The diamond and flame cut shields are used to celebrate the cream of the crop. These are often used to rejoice in unique thoughts and innovative ideas. The cut alone is enough to win hearts!

Where to Find the Best Plaque Maker near Me?

If your recent searches have been about ‘where to buy a plaque near me?’ then you have your answer right here: the Award Central Philippines. It is the hub of glass plaques that offers unique cuts that are not found anywhere else.

Appreciation must be given as a source of motivation, which is why we suggest that you go the ultimate route of customization. Opt for a particular cut, and that re-endorses the reason why an individual is being celebrated!

You can avail of huge discounts on bulk purchases and 3D printed awards from Award Central. Find your match today!

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